Python x86/64 Disassembler

With this new study I hopefully might extend the j-bios project. It is about an x86/64 disassembler completely written in python.

Not the complete x86/64 instruction set is supported by now but can easily be extended and is mentioned for it!

This disassember cannot and shall not be nearly as functional as any commercial product. Rather look at it as a study object for a deeper look inside a CPU and its instruction set.

files: (to be called with a PE-file like exe or dll) (disassembler class) (library functions)


New version:
- commenting system
- simple state machine
- calltables


New version supports additional instructions and an extended "Smart-Mode", which recognises functions much better and follows jumps (soon also indirect ones).
A data segment has been implemented for later use, but is not analysed yet.