1995-1996 system administration of a computer network at Freiberger
1996-now miscellaneous PC seminars
1999-2000 building maintenance automatisation and emergency visualizing at Digalog
2000-2001 control software for miscellaneous components of oil platforms at Kunow Elektronik
2000-2001development of GPRS protocol stack for mobile phones at Condat (now Texas Instruments)
implementation of TCP/IP header compression
2002-2004 project manager FEAD (Fast Electronic Application Distribution) of Netopsystems AG (used for example in Adobe Reader since version 6)
2004 website Stefan Pfänder
2004-2005 auction control software for TV broadcaster 1-2-3.tv
2004-2005 development of Havana Graphics Engine for control of TV broadcasts at PACE Media
2005 website Logoinstitut Berlin
2005-2006 Ambience Firefox Extension
2006 Travian Firefox Extension (not published)
2006 special online contact bay
2006 BALESO online shop not on the market anymore
since 2006IT trainer at different public and private schools in the area of Hamburg, Germany
2007Installation and administration of the Internet Center of the adult education center at Norderstedt
websit of the Internet Center (www.jakobheinemann.de/VHS)
since 2007website Monteurswohnungen.de
website Bestattungen1861.de
online shop Kaffeeladen Tangstedt
website Kaffee-Konzept
website Medienzentrum Tonndorf
website PLS Postproduction
website SAV Audio Video
website administration, CMS (Typo3), online shops and ERP systems
2008-2009company-internal CRM database/sales force connection software solution for a medium-sized company
2010data visualization and data analysis software solution for a medium-sized company
website Frühförderung Norderstedt
website BSB Direkt Jobscout
01/2012InsydeH2O Bios Analysis and Patching
02/2012Python x86/64 Disassembler