curriculum vitae
01-25-1976 born in Halle/Saale, Germany
1982-1986 elementary school (Schule der DSF) at Merseburg
1986-1990 elementary school (Altenburger Oberschule) at Merseburg
1990-1992 high school (Landesschule Pforta), special music education, 9th & 10th grade
1992-1993 student exange at Leitchfield, Ky., U.S.A., 12th grade at Grayson County High School, American High School Diploma
1993-1995 high school (Landesschule Pforta), 11th & 12th grade, German High School Diploma
1995-1996 civil service at a home for mentally handicapped people at Leuna
1996-1997 internship at Skovsen Computertechnik at Berlin
1997-2001 study of Technical Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, graduate engeneer
2002-2004 senior developer at Netopsystems AG, project management "FEAD"
since 2004 freelance software developer, administrator, IT consultant and trainer
since 2009 supporting teacher and administrator at Norderstedter Bildungsgesellschaft mbH
internships and side jobs
10/1996-04/1997 internship at Skovsen Computertechnik in Berlin
1999-2000 side job at Digalog GmbH, development of a supplyment and emergency software for buildings automatisation
04/2000-10/2000 internship at D3Group GmbH, development of a simulation software for an ISS frighter as part of the EDISON project
10/2000-04/2001 internship at Condat AG, implementation of TCP/IP header compression for GPRS protocol stack of mobile phones
2001-2002 side job at Kunow Elektronik in Berlin, development of a controlling and visualisation software for miscellaneous components of oil platforms
05/2001-12/2001 side job at Condat AG, development of the GPRS protocol stack for mobile phones

Jakob Heinemann